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Staying Connected While Travelling Abroad With Free International Data Roaming

Staying connected with your loved ones while travelling abroad used to be a challenge.
Previously your cell phone didn’t work abroad, roaming charges were ridiculous and you may have had to use a sketchy computer at an airport to let your folks keep up with where you are if delays happen.
For long layovers, getting a local SIM card may not be practical or even possible. You can use free airport Wi-Fi but that only works within the Airport most of the times.
Welcome To Germany Text from T-Mobile
In my case with T-Mobile, I get free roaming and texting in over 200 countries, so as soon as I get into a new country, my phone has service! The data is throttled but it is enough to make calls and browse the web to get my boarding pass, itinerary etc.
Even after arriving at my final destination, I tried to use local SIM card and buy data plans but they were ridiculously expensive and these expire nightly. T-Mobile offers faster speeds at $5 per day, but I did manage without having to buy extra data.

Personal Hotspot for my other devices;

T-Mobile offers tethering using my phone plan and this worked exceptionally well to keep my other devices connected to the internet!
For my tablets and android devices, all I needed to do was to connect to my IPhones Hotspot.
The three options are to;
* Connect via Wi-Fi using the ssid and password provided by my IPhone.

* Connect via Bluetooth - this is the option I would use most often, it is easy and quick.

* Connect via USB - for computers

The simplicity and reliability of the networks that T-Mobile provides was awesome and seamless.

I'm going to keep my T-Mobile plan just for these benefits, and of course they have even more benefits that I have not mentioned.








Check List of travel items (affiliate links);

Install a password manager app like and share with loved ones in case you need their help.
Let your bank and credit card companies know when and where you will be travelling


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